Wobble Word

Privacy Policy of Wobble Word.


Instant game on Facebook. This game is created and own by the Danish company VF Computing.

The game, Wobble Word,  is collecting the player  progress, as the following:

  • The number of problems, the player have seen on each level, are kept. The purpose is to avoid serving old, already seen, problems to the player.
  • The current problem is saved. The player can always continue where he left.
  • The result on each problem is modifying an overall rating score, that  is kept. The purpose is to always  give the player a problem on an adequate level. Not to easy, not to difficult.
  • The player can choose to buy hints and solutions to problems. The game is keeping a record of how many unused hints and solutions the player posses.
  • The player can buy an ad-free version.  A record of this purchase is kept.
  • There are Leader boards and Achievements for the game.  Players leader board results and achievements are kept.
  • The player can invite friends to battle.  The scores in such a battle is kept. The purpose is to let players have long-term ongoing battles. The scores is kept until any of the involved players choose to erase them.

No third party, except Facebook, has access to these data.


Facebook has the following demands to a Privacy Policy for a Game:

a. Provide a publicly available and easily accessible privacy policy that explains what data you are collecting and how you will use that data.

b. Your privacy policy must not modify, supersede, or be inconsistent with Facebook policies. For example, user data obtained from us cannot be transferred to a data broker or sold, even if you disclose this in your privacy policy.